Damon System

Damon System

Our office uses the revolutionary Damon Bracket System. This systems uses TIE-LESS braces with titanium shape memory wires which result in very light forces to move teeth with amazing results. As a result, treatment time is less time consuming and with minimal discomfort.

Older, traditional orthodontic treatment includes coloured elastics (TIES) binding the orthodontic wires. These ties also increase the difficulty of good oral hygiene due to plaque retention. As a result, this can lead to more frequent appointments and discomfort.

Currently, with the Damon System, patients can attain straight teeth with beautiful smiles and enhanced facial esthetics with full lip support.

Damon Clear

We are excited to provide the Damon Clear braces. These clear braces are made of ceramic. That is to say, they are practically invisible, providing optimal esthetics.

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Close up of teeth with metal damon braces